TEDx Talk: The Library of the Future

How does a makerspace impact a community? What might the library of the future look like?

For one perspective, watch this TEDx talk, “The Library of the Future,” by our Computer Lab Instructor, Melanie Florencio.

What do YOU think the future looks like?


An animated commercial in progress

One of our customers is currently working on a commercial for a crowdfunding website. The goal of his project is to research African vernacular architecture in various African countries.

This animation is still in the draft stage, but we are already impressed with it. We wanted to share it with you as an example of traditional animation that is being created at the St. Helena Branch Library production lab.

What tools were used in this production?

First he used iStopMotion to capture each frame. He then used iMovie to split up the original footage and control the speed (frames per second) of the film. (This can also be done in Final Cut, but iMovie allows more control.) Finally, he used Final Cut Pro to edit the video (make the white drawings on the textured background), and add text effects and music.

Want to give it a shot?

Stop by or call the St. Helena Branch Library to set up a short orientation with Computer Lab Instructor Melanie Florencio.

Article: 3D, robotics technology comes to Beaufort County Library

We’re getting some nice publicity from the Island Packet!

Trying to remain relevant in the digital age has led the Beaufort County library system to create a place where people can explore the realms of 3-D and robotics.

Starting at 1 p.m. Friday, the St. Helena library will open its CreationStation to visitors of all ages. The station will house a variety of gadgets, from 3-D printers to small robots, to teach both kids and adults about electronics, robotics and technology. It will eventually go on the road to other libraries and to schools in the county…

Read the full article here, and watch the video below: