Fall CreationStation events

All events are free of charge. 

First Fridays Crafting Hour

First Friday of each month
3:00 PM

Bring your current craft project and enjoy the company!

Touching Up Old Photos in Photoshop, Parts 1 and 2

Tuesdays, October 21 and 28
10:30 AM

Learn the basics of digtial photo touch up. 2-part class.
Registration required. To register, call 843-255-6486.

Cooking Club

Mondays, September 15, October 20 and November 17
5:00 PM

Join in with friends to learn how to prepare simple non-baking recipes in a snap.
Registration required. To register, call 843-255-6542.

Wednesdays, September 17, October 15 and November 19
6:00 PM

Share recipes, food and conversations. Prepare a dish or sample.
September: Polish Cuisines
October: Can It/Box It
November: Polynesian

3D Modeling and Design

Saturday, November 8
1:00 PM

Seen our 3D printers? Want to make your own designs? Learn how to use Blender, a 3D modeling program!
Registration required. To register, call 843-255-6487.

DIY Crafting for the Holidays

Wednesday, December 10
5:00 PM

Adults: You bring the sweaters, we’ll provide the ugly. Youth can make frames, jewelry or duct tape creations. 
Registration required. To register, call 843-255-6486.

Designing and Building Edible Gingerbread Houses

Saturday, December 20
12:00 PM

Design an edible gingerbread house. Supplies provided!
Registration required. To register, call 843-255-6486.

Teen Film Fest: Screening of County Teen Films

Monday, October 13 at St. Helena and Bluffton branches

See creativity at its finest with Beaufort County’s teen film makers. Event is free and open to the public.

Teen Film Fest Awards Ceremony

Saturday, October 18 – Location TBA
1:00 PM

Attend the ceremony for the Teen Film Fest winners.


July 2014 CreationStation events at St. Helena Branch Library

All events are free of charge.


Cooking Club

Wednesdays July 16th and Aug 20th 
6:00 PM

Share a themed dish and learn how to make other dishes.  July’s theme is One-Dish Meals. In August the Cooking Club with host Chef Diaz who will razzle dazzle the audience with Caribbean Cuisine.

Contact: Carmen Griffith-Bultron, Library Assistant
843-255.6487,  Email: carmeng@bcgov.net


Photoshop 3D

Wednesdays July 2nd, July 9th, July 16th, July 23rd, and July 30th
3:00 – 5:00 PM
Registration Required

Learn advanced techniques in Photoshop to make your own character that will be converted into a 3D image. Space is limited to first 10 students ages 11-17.

Contact: Melanie Florencio, Computer Lab Instructor
843-255.6547,  Email:  mflorecio@bcgov.net


Maker Monday — Arduinos

Monday, July 7
5:30 – 7:30 PM
Registration Required

Come learn basic electronics in this introductory course on simple circuitry using Arduino prototyping boards and Arduino programming language. Space is limited to first 6 students ages 13-17.

Contact: Melanie Florencio, Computer Lab Instructor
Email: mflorencio@bcgov.net


Engineering Bridges

Wednesdays, July 2 and July 9
5:30 – 7:30 PM

Come and learn how to design and build bridges with manila folders – bridges will be placed on display.  Open to ages 13-17 .

Contact info: Melanie Florencio, Computer Lab Instructor
843-255.6547,  Email: mflorencio@bcgov.net


Garage Band

Friday, July 11
1:00 – 2:30 PM
Registration required

Learn how to use the mixing board to create sounds and sound effects for movies.  Open to ages 11 to 17.  Program is limited to first 20 participants.

Contact: Melanie Florencio, Computer Lab Instructor
843-255.6547,  Email: mflorencio@bcgov.net


Water Coloring

Tuesday and Thursday, July 15 and 17
1:00 – 3:00 PM

Adults can enjoy creating at the library to design their own Watercolor painting.

Contact: Melanie Florencio, Computer Lab Instructor
843-255.6547,  Email: mflorencio@bcgov.net


3D Printing of Body Parts – A Lunch and Learn Session

Friday, July 18
1:00 PM
Registration Required

Join Doctors Trusk, Yost, and Kindy from MUSC who will demonstrate the use of the 3D Biofabrication Printer and the advances in medical science.   Luncheon platters will be provided – please call to register for this lecture.

Contact: Maria Benac, St.Helena Branch Manager
843-255.6548, Email: mbenac@bcgov.net


Film Making

Saturday, July 19
2:00 – 4:00 PM
Registration required

Learn how to shoot short films using our HD flip cameras.  Program is open to ages 8 to 17.  Space is limited.

Contact: Melanie Florencio, Computer Lab Instructor
843-255.6547,  mflorencio@bcgov.net


Rube Goldberg Challenge

Monday, July 28th; Wednesday, July 30th; Friday, Aug. 1st; Tuesday, Aug 5th and Wednesday, Aug. 6th
1:00 – 3:00 PM

Love to play with dominos and make tools?  This program is the best of both worlds because you will learn how to produce a chain reaction to make a tool.  Great program for groups – call in advance to schedule a day to participate.

Contact info: Melanie Florencio, Computer Lab Instructor
843-255.6547, Email: mflorencio@bcgov.net

TEDx Talk: The Library of the Future

How does a makerspace impact a community? What might the library of the future look like?

For one perspective, watch this TEDx talk, “The Library of the Future,” by our Computer Lab Instructor, Melanie Florencio.

What do YOU think the future looks like?

An animated commercial in progress

One of our customers is currently working on a commercial for a crowdfunding website. The goal of his project is to research African vernacular architecture in various African countries.

This animation is still in the draft stage, but we are already impressed with it. We wanted to share it with you as an example of traditional animation that is being created at the St. Helena Branch Library production lab.

What tools were used in this production?

First he used iStopMotion to capture each frame. He then used iMovie to split up the original footage and control the speed (frames per second) of the film. (This can also be done in Final Cut, but iMovie allows more control.) Finally, he used Final Cut Pro to edit the video (make the white drawings on the textured background), and add text effects and music.

Want to give it a shot?

Stop by or call the St. Helena Branch Library to set up a short orientation with Computer Lab Instructor Melanie Florencio.

Useful FREE 3D Modeling Programs

Want to try your hand at 3D modeling? Here are some more great, FREE programs you can download and use.


Tinkercad is great for beginners- you slide geometric shapes onto a 3D workplane. You can group shapes and even create holes.


Sculptris is a program where you can digitally sculpt using a variety of carving tools. Your design will be symmetrical but there is a lot of possibility.


Blender is designed for the true 3D modeling enthusiast. Completely free, you have access to digital sculpting tools along with animation capabilities.

Autodesk’s 1-2-3D Catch

1-2-3D Catch is a great way to freely laser scan objects (or yourself) by using your smartphone or tablet computer.