TEDx Talk: The Library of the Future

How does a makerspace impact a community? What might the library of the future look like?

For one perspective, watch this TEDx talk, “The Library of the Future,” by our Computer Lab Instructor, Melanie Florencio.

What do YOU think the future looks like?


Useful FREE 3D Modeling Programs

Want to try your hand at 3D modeling? Here are some more great, FREE programs you can download and use.


Tinkercad is great for beginners- you slide geometric shapes onto a 3D workplane. You can group shapes and even create holes.


Sculptris is a program where you can digitally sculpt using a variety of carving tools. Your design will be symmetrical but there is a lot of possibility.


Blender is designed for the true 3D modeling enthusiast. Completely free, you have access to digital sculpting tools along with animation capabilities.

Autodesk’s 1-2-3D Catch

1-2-3D Catch is a great way to freely laser scan objects (or yourself) by using your smartphone or tablet computer.

Free 3D modeling software

We occasionally get questions about the types of software we use in the CreationStation. The software we use for 3D modeling is free! If you have your own computer, here are a few options for getting started.

Blender is a full-feature, free, open-source download for Mac, Windows and Linux. We have installed it in the Mac Production Lab at St. Helena. It supports the entire process of 3D modeling, so advanced users will find all the features they need for their models.

Clara.io is a full-featured, browser-based (no download required) 3D editor. Because you don’t need to download anything, you can use it anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can also share your 3D models and collaborate with friends.

Tinkercad is a simpler browser-based 3D editor. It provides ‘Lessons,’ which get users started with 3D modeling before moving on to advanced techniques. Because of its simple interface, it is suitable for people who are just starting out with 3D modeling.

We will also provide programming on 3D modeling and printing. Watch our event calendar or contact Melanie Florencio, Computer Lab Instructor, at 255-6547 or mflorencio@bcgov.net.