Photos from the CreationStation

Wooden dog model on 3D scanner

The Digitizer is a 3D scanner. It scans the object on the plate, then renders it with a piece of software called MakerWare (from MakerBot). If you’re happy with the scan, you can print it out on the 3D printer. Here the 3D scanner attempts to scan our lab instructor’s wooden dog.

3D printer printing teapot

The MakerBot prints a tiny teapot. This teapot is solid on the inside – so we can’t put tea in it, but it’s great for a pretend tea set.

Original toy and 3D printed model

We borrowed a toy longhorn (left) from the St. Helena children’s librarian, scanned it using the MakerBot Digitizer, and printed from the scan. The bits of plastic under the “clone’s” belly are from the printed supports used to hold it up during the process. These can easily be sanded off.

LittleBits and manual

LittleBits are electronic modules that snap together with magnets. Because there’s no wrong way to put them together, they help younger kids learn about electronics. Our staff love them, too!


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